Which is the Great iOS and Android App Development Company

There are tons of great Android and iOS app development companies spread across the world. These companies bring different advantages to the table. The choice of company should be guided by your requirements and limitations.

Think about it. Some Android and iOS app development companies mention their average project size as $4,000, while others mention their average as high as $50,000. While some are catering to Fortune 500 companies and creating highly complex enterprise apps, others are creating simple apps for smaller companies.

So, before reaching out to any Android and iOS mobile app development company, it’s important to do two things:

  1. Make a list of all your requirements – This can be in terms of business goals to be met by the solution. Often projects fail due to lack of in-depth understanding of the solution needed.
  2. List your priorities – Once you’ve created the list of business goals, think about your priorities. Is it to get a smoothly working app? Do you have budget constraints? Is the key focus to get things done fast or giving the best user experience? What timeline do you have in mind?

Your specific requirements and answers to these questions would help identify the most suitable Android and iOS app development company for your needs.

Once you have a clearer insight into these, it’s time to think whether you wish to hire iOS developers or look for a company that will partner closely with you to create the solution. Outsourcing often generates the best return on investment.

And, finally, consider the following parameters to make a decision on which Android and iOS mobile app development company to choose:

Past Projects: Check the company’s success stories. Do the solutions seem close to your requirements? If yours is an enterprise mobility solution, check whether the company has successfully deployed large projects. If yours is a small business, then a company specializing in smaller and simpler projects may be more suitable.

Budget: Check the average budget size of the solutions created. Does this fall within the scope of what you’ve allocated for your solution?

Team: Often we make the mistake of looking for developer skills and experience. However, it’s best to choose an Android and iOS mobile app development company that has experts who can help with strategizing UI and UX experts, and graphic designers. Identify a company that can partner with you through the app’s lifecycle.

Considering Trade-Offs

Often quality is seen as a trade-off for budget and timeline. This is the case with Android and iOS mobile app development companies that continue to use the traditional approach of coding the solution from scratch. This will increase costs and take several months or even more than a year for app deployment, depending on the size and complexity of the solution.

Instead, it’s possible to create the mobility solution using an enterprise-grade MADP (Mobile Application Development Platform). This is a platform that provides hundreds of pre-configured modules that are already tested to be bug-free. They are developed for diverse workflows and incorporate industry best practice. By selecting the appropriate modules and pre-built technology components, the necessary features can be added to your app with a simple drag and drop approach. The apps are then customized to suit a business’s unique requirements.  

By using the MADP approach, even a complex fully-customized app can be created 10 times faster (within 6-8 weeks) and with a significantly lower budget than development using the traditional approach.

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