7 Advise for Newcomer from iPhone Application Development Company

Following are 10 tips for a beginner on iOS application development from an iPhone Application development Company.

SDK – Software Development Kit

Apple provides a free Software Developer Kit (SDK) from its iPhone app developer site. The SDK contains everything to facilitate iPhone application development such as iPhone simulator for testing, performance analyzers, interface builders and the full documentation reference libraries.


Swift is a programming language developed by Apple specifically for iOS app development. As the name suggests Swift is built for faster iPhone application development focusing on simplicity and efficiency. Swift has the provision of simulation of the app while you are creating it. Swift requires lesser lines of code to write which enhances readability.


Before the introduction of Swift, iOS app applications were predominantly written in Objective-C which is an Object Oriented Programming language which inherits the syntax, primitive types and flow control statements of C and adds syntax for defining classes and methods. Objective C is still being used with fewer updates it is being made more compatible with Swift which will be preferred for iOS app development in near future.


To become proficient iPhone app developer you need to learn to Xcode which is integrated development environment for iOS. Xcode works on Macs and it has everything which is required to build apps for Apple devices. X Code follows model view controller approach that simplifies managing the code with the help of tools such as Interface Builder that allows dropping visual controls into the app code.

Interface Builder Tool

This tool is fully integrated within Xcode IDE which allows prototyping a full user interface without writing any code. It graphically connects your interface to the code within the Xcode editor, laying out windows, buttons, and sliders to create a functioning Mac, iPhone or iPad user interface.

Testing Tool

Xcode provides test driven development for iOS applications. The Test Navigator facilitates the testing process by making it easy to jump to any test in your project. It is easy to execute a single test or execute a group of tests. The iPhone app development assistant editor has new test specific views that automatically tracks which tests exercise the code you are presently editing, keeping your test and code sync at all times.

Simulator Tool

Simulators also form a part of Xcode tools which allow to rapidly prototype and test build your iPhone app. Simulators work on Mac and stimulate an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Apple TV environment to learn about the behavior of a Mac app. This implicates with the help of a simulator you will be able to know how your app will behave on various iOS application Development devices.

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